The competitive events team is the competing side of AMA! The basis of the team is to find case competitions among companies and to assemble a team to represent AMA and even the University of Maryland, usually on a national level! These cases can range from a small brief, all the way to a full-blown campaign. The competitive events team is always looking for new talent. Our #1 goal is to win these cases for AMA, to continue our great reputation as a nationally ranked chapter and to gain individual experience in the wonderful field of Marketing! 

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of joining the Competitive Events Team?

  1. Real world marketing experience and knowledge is what you will receive from participating. These cases will help you expand your creative thinking that you will not get in the classroom. Most of these cases have you working on behalf of a company, usually a large corporate one. It gives you the opportunity to better their business and give them fresh ideas that in the long run could make them more profitable.
  2.  Recruiters look for students that have participated in undergrad cases; you will have the upper hand among your peers. It is always a great resume booster.
  3.  It’s a great way to meet classmates and build relationships that will not only benefit you now but also down the road in your career. 

What companies has the Competitive Events Team worked with in the past?

In the past year, we have worked with Mazda, Hershey’s, Mini, Solar Panels and the WWF (World Wildlife Fund) Foundation.

How can I join the Competitive Events Team?

If you would like to participate, send an email to the Vice President of Competitive Events, Jessica Ting ( No prior experience is needed. Now is the best time for you to compete in a case competition!

When and where does the Competitive Events Team meet?

Meetings our dependent upon which cases you choose to participate in.

You have to nothing to lose and everything to gain by joining our case team. Maybe your passion is advertising, or campaign implementation, design, or possibly market research. If any of these different characteristics of marketing apply to you, then you will love our team. We delve into all these incredible aspects of our field, and much more!