RedBlack Consulting Group is a full-service, student-run agency that is backed with the resources, skills, and connections of terpAMA, ranked in the Top 25 collegiate AMA chapters in the nation. Founded in Spring 2010, RedBlack Consulting Group (originally named terpAMA Consulting) has proven to be a unique opportunity for local businesses, student organizations, and private clients to improve their marketing framework.

RedBlack’s dedicated team of ambitious individuals exhibit specialized skills and talents in client relations, consulting/advising, and creative design. We take pride in delivering quality work customized to each client’s specific needs. RedBlack consulting group consists of the Vice President of Consulting and a team of student account managers, all of whom are terpAMA members. These students are experienced in web design, electronic marketing, social media, graphic design, and more.

Such skills, coupled with extensive knowledge of our clientsʼ target audience—our fellow college peers--differentiates RedBlack Consulting Group as a powerful third-party provider for collaboration on entrepreneurial pursuits.  


  • Branding & Rebranding
  • Event Planning

  • Creative Design

  • Electronic Marketing

  • Public Relations

  • Market Research
  • Social Media

  • Guerilla Marketing

  • Strategic Advising

Duties as a RedBlack Member

  • Design logos, flyers, brochures, and other print or digital materials
  • Create and coordinate promotional events
  • Generate social network engagement
  • Formulate, administer, and evaluate surveys reaching the target market
  • Campus advertising endeavors such as flyering, chalking, etc.


Get Involved

Interested in becoming a member of RedBlack? Contact our Director, Cyrus Sadat, at